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…let the bubbles lift you


So when I slurp my whole can of Pepsi before a meal consequently ruining it I shall remember the quote: “It refreshes without filling” – Lie

…get drawn in

Shot for T Magazine by Orlando Bloom, this makes my heart melt, just slightly.

                                                                                                                                              T Magazine

…listen to what Grazia says

In Grazia’s ‘Tune in Turn up’ article on upcoming female music talent

I kinda like it.

…beat the blues



In light of my recent excursion to St Lucia and the notion of feeling the holiday blues, missing the jungle and all, I found these images by Abelardo Morell from 2008. Apparently a fan of Alice and Wonderland the images are of course curious to the eye, camera obscura.

*Camera Obscura: View of Volta del Canal in Palazzo Room Painted With Jungle Motif, Venice, Italy, 2008

**Camera Obscura Image of Central Park Looking North, Summer, 2008


…get post holiday blues

St Lucia was beautiful. That is all.

…get a pint of stella



Stella McCartney Resort 2013. Oh Stella, you clever thing you.

…feel the need to take your teddy bear everywhere


This is kind of what happens when I fall asleep, I become hip little girl in at a fair in America, Santa Monica to be more precise, and I always have my teddy bear with me, always.

…skate away




…If you could

…damn the sales

Please someone buy them and wear them with washed out pink denim cutoffs, they’re in the sale, they’re £303, they’re YSL, need you ask more?