…let the bubbles lift you


So when I slurp my whole can of Pepsi before a meal consequently ruining it I shall remember the quote: “It refreshes without filling” – Lie

…get drawn in

Shot for T Magazine by Orlando Bloom, this makes my heart melt, just slightly.

                                                                                                                                              T Magazine

…listen to what Grazia says

In Grazia’s ‘Tune in Turn up’ article on upcoming female music talent

I kinda like it.

…beat the blues

*                                                                                                            Pictureyear.blogspot.co.uk

**                                                                                                          Pictureyear.blogspot.co.uk

In light of my recent excursion to St Lucia and the notion of feeling the holiday blues, missing the jungle and all, I found these images by Abelardo Morell from 2008. Apparently a fan of Alice and Wonderland the images are of course curious to the eye, camera obscura.

*Camera Obscura: View of Volta del Canal in Palazzo Room Painted With Jungle Motif, Venice, Italy, 2008

**Camera Obscura Image of Central Park Looking North, Summer, 2008


…get post holiday blues

St Lucia was beautiful. That is all.

…get a pint of stella



Stella McCartney Resort 2013. Oh Stella, you clever thing you.

…feel the need to take your teddy bear everywhere


This is kind of what happens when I fall asleep, I become hip little girl in at a fair in America, Santa Monica to be more precise, and I always have my teddy bear with me, always.